Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Khemarak Sereymon

Khemarak Sereymon name in Khmer is “ខេមរៈ សេរីមន្ត”. Right now he is a top super singer star in Cambodia. He was born on November 03, 1985 at Kampong Cham province. As you know Kampong Cham people generally are handsome and beautiful for lady, right? Sereymon he enter to the art field since 2004. So he started her career more than 8 years already. In 2011 – Khemarak Sereymon just got an award from Anachakdara on the status “Best Voice Male Singer of The Year 2011″. Now our famous Khmer singer star – Khemarak Sereymon is in Sunday Production. He has a lot of famous songs with his sister Khmemarak Sreypov in Sunday Production. Khemarak Sereymon, is a top famous singer star in Cambodia. And a few years ago, he got more remarkably popular and he can make a lot of money every year.


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